Polycarbonate such as Makrolon® or Makrotech®, Acrylic glass such as Perspex® and PETG such as Vivak®

We process and mould all common thermoplastics, such as as Makrolon® and Vivak® by Covestro Deutschland AG and Acrylic such as Perspex® from Lucite International, as well as Polystyrene and ABS. Semi-finished products and finished products are manufactured in quality-assured processes. Oversized workpieces, in particular, are our speciality. Our wide range of machinery is able to handle any conceivable customer request.

Thermoplastics for all requirements

As experts in our field, we are well versed in the advantages of all plastics and know how to perfectly match them to the customer needs. For example, polycarbonate – such as Makrolon® – is a great choice because of its high-performance qualities, such as impact strength and heat resistance. In addition, it can be extensively machined with CNC milling machines. By comparison, Acrylic glass (PMMA) is a convincing alternative with its decade-long weather resistance and unrivalled translucence. Acrylic is easily processed, either manually or machine-aided, so fit accuracy is guaranteed.

Reliable adhesive bonding of thermoplastics

We create adhesive bondings with maximum durability and optical quality for any application using suitable adhesives and techniques. With our many years of experience, we adhesively bond almost any plastic. If pre-treated correctly, Acrylic glass also allows blister-free adhesive bonds. In addition, our professional bonding methods also allow different materials to be permanently connected, such metal with plastic.

Thermoplastics can be finished easily

It is especially common for acrylic glass to be screen printed or digitally printed and is often seen on advertising signs. For use as luminaire covers, we can fully or partially sand blast the material in order to diffuse any escaping light and to make lamps invisible. For use as a display in shopfitting or for creative custom designs, fully customised paintwork can be performed using environmentally friendly and certified paints.

Thermoplastics are versatile and can be used as protection, as covering, for light scattering or for advertising. With our specialised knowledge and modern processing technology, we take your idea and create the desired product.

You shape the idea, we shape the plastic!




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Max Storch GmbH & Co. KG
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Fax +49 40 521973-10

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