We can shape any thermoplastic into your desired form with deep-drawing, vacuum forming, chamfering or tool-less forming.


We can mill, polish or drill all of our products in our machining area, so we have the ability to customise the finishing.


With numerous adhesives, we can create permanent, water-resistant or even visually high-quality bonded connections between workpieces.


For all products with particular needs due to their surface or also for advertising purposes, painting, printing and sandblasting are potential finishing options.


  • All
  • Thermoplastics
  • Elastomers
  • Design Worlds
  • Thermoplastic moulded – deep-drawn – hoods made of Plexiglas®, Makrolon®, Vivak® and much more. For example, for use as a luminaire cover and machine protection. >

  • Profiles, elastomer spacers such as silicon or polyurethane. Other possibilities include, for example, folding bellows to protect machine parts such as springs and slide bearings or o-rings made of EPDM. >

  • We combine a variety of components. Plastic combined with a metal housing or even just metal strips are permanently adhesively bonded or screwed. The rubber seal can also be directly attached for a complete product from one source. >

  • Rubber bands, hoses, sealing rings, foam made of Basotect® and fluorinated rubber such as Viton® can be ordered separately or in combination with our thermoplastic products. >

  • Plastic products without thermoplastic moulding, however with processing, such as milling and drilling using the 5-axes CNC machines. A wide range of finishing options are possible with polishing, painting, printing and sandblasting. >

  • Acrylic glass is an excellent choice for unusual, creative and wildly imaginative shapes. The good machinability and malleability of the material makes it ideal for a wide range of
    applications. >

  • Colourless, diffuse or opal acrylic glass and polycarbonate tubes. Frequently used as lighting tubes. In extruded or cast version. Also possible in lengths exceeding 5 m. >

  • Furniture made of plastic, such as counter tops in satin-finished acrylic glass. Also used for custom-made designs in shopfitting and trade fair construction. >

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Max Storch GmbH & Co. KG
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22844 Norderstedt, Germany
Phone +49 40 521973-0
Fax +49 40 521973-10

E-mail info(at)